Fast as a shark he'll cut out of the dark
He's a killer - he'll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you're not coming back

'cause the killer's on the attack!
Fast as a Shark

Accept is a German Heavy Metal band. Initially started as Band X in 1968, Accept is one of the oldest and influential German metal bands. Accept no substitutes!

They were successful in the mid '80s until the creative differences and failed attempt at mainstream with their album Eat the Heat broke the band in the late '80s. They reformed in the early '90s with a Darker and Edgier sound but after a couple of years broke up again. Proper reformation didn't happen until 2009.

  • Accept (1979)
  • I'm a Rebel (1980)
  • Breaker (1981)
  • Restless and Wild (1982)
  • Balls to the Wall (1983)
  • Metal Heart (1985)
  • Russian Roulette (1986)
  • Eat the Heat (1989)
  • Objection Overruled (1993)
  • Death Row (1994)
  • Predator (1996)
  • Blood of the Nations (2010)
  • Stalingrad: Brothers in Death (2012)
Accept provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Album Title Drop: In the chorus of "That's Rock 'n Roll", for the self-titled album:

Hey little woman, Accept tonight
Come rock and roll and feel allright


Son of a bitch - kiss my ass!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch - you asshole!
Son of a bitch!

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