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There are some pages that have been permanently etched into the annals of TV Tropes history by being removed and then locked, so that they may never return. Take this as a sign that not only should you not use these phrases, you shouldn't even use the writing styles that led to these phrases. See Zero Context Example for examples of phrases that didn't get pages, but are just as bad.

Pages that have been cut since April 2011 are autolocked to prevent people from overriding the cutlist. This page is only for the ones that we don't want coming back ever. If it isn't on this list[1], you can ask here for an unlock.

To see a list of pages that were locked but not removed, go to Locked Pages. See also the list of Recent Cuts, not all of which become members of this club.

Note: Do not put works cut as part of the paedophilia/rape/porn cleanup here. If you're looking for that, see Pages Cut Under the Policy Change or here.

Pages cut and locked for reducing the overall quality of the wiki:

There are Verbal Tics and Overused Running Gags, and then there are these. These are former tropes that were deleted outright for being so misused by having potholes to these pages sprinkled around this wiki on pages for no reason other than perhaps to be funny.

  • I Am Not Making This Up: Originally created for how fans react to crazy plot twists and the like, it was used as a pothole for absolutely anything that was even the slightest bit outlandish, as if it would make it read as a bit of incredibly hilarious and awesome escapism. Instead, it became a grating Catch Phrase (appearing on over 2,500 pages at its peak) that made This Very Wiki look like idiots with an incredibly low threshold of disbelief. Not only were all links to it changed to be permanently red regardless of stylesheet, all instances of the phrase were automatically deleted from the wiki, leaving blank spots where it used to be. In-Universe examples were moved to Not Making This Up Disclaimer. Since this is TV Tropes, you don't need to say this; since even Reality Is Unrealistic, there's no reason not to believe such things happened. Not to mention, it's usually better to link to the proof that you're not making it up.
    • No Really: One of many redirects to the above, and even without that it violates TV Tropes' policy about in-site Verbal Tics.
  • Please Elaborate: Poorly written examples should be rewritten or, failing that, outright deleted, not compounded with more useless junk that also acts as natter.
  • So Yeah: Used as a Verbal Tic as an excuse to never finish a sentence. Compounded by its small size making it incredibly easy to Pothole, this "trope" infected examples across the wiki like herpes, appearing on over 4,000 pages at its peak.

Deliberate redlinks:

A small collection of articles actually do still exist, but the titles have been carefully tweaked to appear red. Like the above, this is a subtle hint that users should not be linking to it (at all) in trope articles, but the articles themselves are just useful enough to keep around for future reference. Most are redirects to a page that has been moved, with the old title kept around to keep inbound links working and to help find and change any remaining wicks.

  • Heroic Sociopath: Attracted massive Trope Decay before a split. The page itself still exists as a disambiguation to help with cleaning up the remaining wicks.
  • ...If You Know What I Mean: The former name for Lampshaded Double Entendre. This led to tropers potholing their own double entendres to this article, leading to a rename. Kept for inbounds.
  • No Just No: Originally created for a character's reaction to a Squicky moment or a highly disagreeable statement, it got misused as a pothole for editors inserting their own reaction to what was in other trope examples. In-Universe examples were moved to "No. Just... No" Reaction.
  • Or Is It: Was supposed to be an Ending Tropes, but it rapidly degenerated into a troper Catch Phrase. Now known as The End - or Is It?.
  • This Troper: The page itself has always said to avoid using first-person writing (the phrase being a euphemism for "me" or "I"), but people linking to it either didn't read the article, or simply rebelled against it. Even in designated areas, it's usually better to Pothole it to the contributor page...even if you don't have a contributor page. Better yet, avoid talking about yourself at all.
  • X Just X: The former name for Zero Context Example. Despite strong warnings on the page against its use as a Pothole, contributors continued to use it.

Main namespace Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki redirects:

Due to heated complaining and gushing involving these on the main wiki, as well as unnecessary Pot Holing involving them, we discourage linking to these Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki tropes and pages outside of those areas. These articles should be treated the same way as deliberate redlinks. Their main page redirects were cut and locked to discourage tropers from using them as such.

Misused trope names:

Sometimes when we rename a trope the original name has to be deleted if the misuse was really bad.

Pages locked for being cut then recreated:

In the past, cut pages had a habit of reappearing very quickly, usually due to tropers simply being unaware why the page had been deleted, though sometimes as part of a trolling effort. This eventually led to the current practice of locking all cut pages, but the following pages were locked prior to this.

Pages cut and locked due to being nothing but complaining:

Becoming a platform for actively complaining about anyone or anything is basically the worst sin any page on this wiki can commit, short of being created expressly for the purpose of trolling and/or conveying hate speech. With the exception of a few Darth Wiki pages which exist as an outlet for this sort of thing, any such page is nuked with extreme prejudice.

Overly-controversial pages/soapboxes:

Let's just say the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement exists here for a reason.

  • Abu Ghraib: A controversial Real Life prison which only attracted Flame Wars and Misplaced Nationalism, is neither a trope nor a work, and the article was pretty much a stub.
  • Busy Street: The page was locked after a heated argument between multiple parties, and eventually cut when the subject in question underwent a drastic overhaul, causing complications that made it not worth keeping the page up.
  • Darth Wiki/Complain About Shows You Dont Like: Topic drift from shows to social, political, and religious targets along with racial slurs and constant back-and-forth between fans and haters. Lets just say things got nasty very quickly.
  • Dueling Musicians: Caused too much edit warring and debates over who is the "better" artist.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica: The page was very biased against the site and its members, attracting all manner of negative attention from them. No other efforts stopped this, and we have no interest in Tempting Fate here.
  • Flaming Fruit Vendors and Angry Arabs: Intended to be a page on the Arab Spring, it was cut due to its insensitive name and excessive use of "recent" examples due to how soon into the movement the page was made. We have a better page for the Arab Spring now.
  • Useful Notes/Scientology: Even after being locked, the fighting didn't stop. Since it was the only Useful Notes page that doesn't help you understand anything on this wiki better, the page was deleted. Church of Happyology describes when people make up a ridiculous religion, and you don't even have to know anything about Scientology to get the joke, especially not when it's actually making fun of Scientology itself. Besides, if Scientology's in a work, you can always use Wikipedia to see how accurate it is.
  • This Troper: Work impossible to catalog due to clashes with site rules on personal attacks and drama importation. To clarify, it's a series hosted on Youtube, about commenting on the controversial and negative topics of this website through a Dramatic Reading of some articles.
  • Westboro Baptist Church: Pretty much a magnet for religious related arguments and complaining. It didn't really help you understand anything on this wiki better due to the church only having 71 members and almost never in any works outside of The Laramie Project and Louis Theroux's documentaries.

Pages that were cut for reasons that were too NSFW:

  • Innocent Panties: A trope made separate of Panty Shot by portraying visible girls' underwear as a cue of girlish cuteness with no sexual intent (while Panty Shot is for Fan Service). Just like Panty Shot, however, people were listing every random upskirt... of prepubscent girls. Even worse, many examples included pictures. This could have just gotten an Example Sectionectomy, but the pedophilic potential was too great.
  • Naked Shotaro Boy: Was a listing of works featuring nude prepubescent boys. In addition to the generally very creepy undertones of the article, it didn't attempt any real insight into or analysis of the trope, leaving no reason to keep it.
  • Naughty Tentacles: A trope that described the use of tentacles for sexual purposes in various works, it was cut after issues with advertisers.
  • Rape Tropes: Was an index of rape-related tropes.

Pages that were made to bypass an Example Sectionectomy:

Sometimes when examples on a page become problematic the examples will be deleted. See Example Sectionectomy for more on that. When we delete the examples from a page, we don't want them back.

Unlisted cut pages:

These groups of pages are too large to be listed individually, but general reasons are given for their lock and deletion:

  • YMMV pages about Real Life people: Your Mileage May Vary subpages about Real Life people are generally unwanted, as they tend to become about the people themselves, which is beyond the scope of this wiki. If a person's YMMV subpage is redlinked and locked, it's for this reason. The sole exception is when an author or musician has works that do not have their own articles; in that case their YMMV subpage may be used for items solely about their works, not them.
  • Headscratchers articles that were platforms for Complaining: It's just unnecessary to list out all of these. Suffice it to say that if a Headscratchers article is permanently redlinked, it's for this reason.
  • Pages affiliated with banned tropers: Perma-banned tropers will have their "Tropers/" page locked and deleted. We won't keep a list of banned tropers, since that's exactly the sort of attention that trolls crave. If these banned tropers are obnoxious enough about entry pimping a work that they wrote, its work page can also be locked and deleted.
  • Fetish Fuel subpages: The subpages that remained from this article were moved to separate off-site wikis.
  • Pages cut under the content policy: Pages for works that violate our content policy will be cut and locked. We don't keep a definitive list of these to avoid creating a directory of porn and paedo-pandering.

Real Life subpages for items that don't allow Real Life examples:

If a page that forbids Real Life examples is split and has its examples put into sub-pages, the ban on Real Life examples will extend to the existence of Real Life subpages. If they appear, they will be cut-and-locked immediately.

Potshot redirects:

While Redirects Are Free, sometimes people make redirects that are nothing but Take Thats.

So Bad Its Horrible subsections which were just that:

While this is one of the few areas on the wiki where outright derision of a work is permitted, there are certain standards that are expected, and limits as to how much edit warring will be tolerated before it's decided that a subsection just isn't worth keeping around.

Problematic Image Links:

  • Lolicon: Dubious legality, issues with advertisers, and attracted too much negative attention on other sites.
  • Shock Site: Created via a null edit as a joke...then a Garbage Post Kid found it and added an actual link.

Former locations of locked pages:

Persistent initialisms:

We prefer people not to use initialisms and acronyms as redirects to a page, considering that they're often confusing for non-fans and can often have multiple referents. Note that some of these are accidental: initialisms with numbers or lowercase letters count as Wiki Words.



  1. Technically, you can ask even if it is on the list, but it'll probably be rejected unless you have a really good reason. "I liked it" does not qualify.
  2. (Trope Namer was Princess Sally from Sonic the Hedgehog, who was a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal that only wore boots and an open vest, leaving her Barbie Doll Anatomy "boobs" perfectly exposed)
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