• Author Phobia: Mandy Moore doesn't like the two dancing scenes because she can't dance.
  • Celebrity Paradox
    • "Only Hope" is composed and written by Jamie in the movie. So how did Switchfoot get its hands on it and why Jonathan Foreman taking credit for it?
    • In the music video for "Cry", a couple notices Shane West walking out of the theatre showing A Walk to Remember. He is revealed to be Landon and he has a growing fascination for Mandy Moore who looks like Jamie.
  • Creator Cameo
    • Mervyn Warren, who composed most of the music in this film, plays the school play pianist.
    • The movie's director Adam Shankman plays a nurse who wheels Jamie out of the hospital.
  • Enforced Method Acting
    • During the production, the actors playing Mandy Moore's classmates were told to distance themselves from her for a period of time, so she would feel unpopular and unliked. According to Mandy Moore, it didn't go as planned, as they caught up and became close when they were told they could be civil to her.
    • Shane West used his discomfort in the heat of the day and his dislike of noisy bystanders to give motivation to his character Landon's frustration with Jamie in the school bus scene.
  • Fandom Rivalry: The book was considered inferior to The Notebook but the movie is neck-and-neck in popularity. It is also compared to The Fault in Our Stars due to their similar subject matter.
  • Throw It In
    • During Jamie and Landon's first dance, they start looking around as the scene ends. It's because Shane and Mandy didn't know the cameras were still rolling and they wondered when are they gonna stop.
    • Their wedding vows, they whispering "I love you" and coming up with middle names were made up on the spot.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: Nicholas Sparks used his late sister Danielle's love story as inspiration for the book.
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