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As the title may imply, A Question Of Sport is a Panel Show about sport, made by The BBC.

The show started in 1968 and has been on continuously[1] since 1970 - the longest-running game show in Britain. So far, it's had nearly 900 episodes.

Follows the format you'd expect of panel shows, with a host, two teams (consisting of two guests and a captain) and various quiz rounds.


The rounds generally played are:

  • Picture Board - Contestants pick a square from a numbered grid which will correspond to a photo of an obscured sports personality, of whom they have to guess the identity.
  • What Happened Next? - Sporting footage is played and contestants will have to figure out what hilarity ensued.
  • Mystery Guest - A montage is shown of a sports star dressed in disguise, who has to be identified. This round can be quite funny, as when [Ally McCoist] failed to recognise his own boss.
  • Observation - A montage of sporting action, followed by detail-based questions ("How many football players were seen wearing yellow shorts?").
  • Home Or Away - Standard quiz questions. Contestants can choose "Home" questions, which are easier (usually about their own sports) but worth less, or "Away" questions, which are harder but worth more.
  • Captain's Challenge - A newer round, where team captains engage in some sort of wacky challenge.


  • The Points Mean Nothing: Averted, with competitive sportsmen as panellists. Less of a thing as the show has got more comedic in recent years, but the Bill Beaumont / Ian Botham era was very competitive.


  1. bear in mind the British Brevity
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