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Weird Al Yankovic: Hammond's got a mental rectal thermometer.

Mike Nelson: I used to play bass for Mental Rectal Thermometer.
Jurassic Park: Rifftrax Edition

Weird Al Yankovic: I stand by my filthy muppet innuendo

Mike Nelson: I used to play bass for Filthy Muppet Innuendo.
Jurassic Park: Rifftrax Edition

Mike Nelson: I used to play bass for Embryo Cold Storage.

Weird Al Yankovic: Do you even know how to play the bass?

Mike Nelson: Not a lick.
Jurassic Park: Rifftrax Edition

Kevin Murphy: He's lapsing into Nicholson.

Mike Nelson: Lapsing Into Nicholson is the name of my emo band.

Leonidas: Submission?

Mike Nelson: That'd be a good name for a Muslim rock band.

"If I ever start up a punk band, one of the names I'll be sure to consider is the Invisible Flying Predators. (Also, I never plan to start up a punk band, so the name is up for grabs.)"

"Have you heard my new band, the Dewinged Stab-Bats?"
"Have you heard my new band, the Partially Rewinged Dewinged Stab Bats?"
—Kingdom of Loathing, One-winged Stab Bat
"Have you heard my new band, The Joke That Got Repeated Until It Wasn't Funny Anymore?"
—Kingdom of Loathing, Rewinged Stab Bat
"Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny sounds like the name of a bad cover band Sam."
Kara Thrace, Battlestar Galactica
"She likes cloth. That's a good band name."
Random guy #2,, Teen Girl Squad, "Issue 12"
"With the baby suffocating, Edward and co decide to perform a vampire cesarean. Jacob takes some time off to write down 'Vampire Cesarean' as a possible future name for his punk band, and then races to Bella's side in time to hear her spine break.

Tenth Doctor: Trickster is a creature from beyond the universe, forever trying to break into our reality, manifest himself. He's one of the Pantheon of Discord.

Clyde: That's a good name for a band.

Tenth Doctor: Actually, not bad.

Paul: Lois Lane and the Resistance does sound a bit like a New Wave band.

Al: So does Wonder Woman and the Furies. Or Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown. I think I saw them one time on Top of the Pops 2.

Gryphon: ...Jefferson Smurfit and the Stone Container Corporation...

Wedge: What an exquisite name that would be for a rock band, no?
Eyrie Productions Unlimited Forums, 7/4/2002

(Ashens is holding up a video game case that would reveal an activation code if he hadn't put a flare on top of it)

Ashen's Annotation on video: "Obscured by Fake Lens Flare" would be a good name for a prog rock band.

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