• Contractual Purity: Averted. Andrew Rannells currently stars in The Book of Mormon, some of their VAs have done hentai (Dan Green, for example), and Jason Griffith did a condom commercial.
    • People more savvy of the industry may realize that most of the company's current VA's have worked at Central Park Media before (and this includes Dan Green as well); CPM distributed uncut productions mostly for pre-teen to older audiences, such as Revolutionary Girl Utena among others.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The relatively small amount of New York-based VA's and the company's tendency to cast the same people for several projects leads to a lot of this, particularly in shows with lots of characters. Especially prominent are Dan Green, Jason Griffith, Michael Sinterniklaas, Sean Schemmel, Marc Thompson, Wayne Grayson, and Veronica Taylor.
  • Money, Dear Boy: 4Kids was known for paying its actors very well (at least in relation to other dubbing studios). This is why you'll never hear any NYC voice actor express regret for working on a 4Kids series. The scripts may be crap, but reading them pays the bills.
  • No Export for You: Due to their practice of making Youtube block certain videos from being played outside the U.S & Puerto Rico As mentioned here.
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