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Manpuku is Kuni's ancestor

Only those of the proper lineage can touch the fruit of a Guardian Sapling, right? Kuni did it in the first fight against Master Anura, and Manpuku did it in the Boss Rush. Makes sense, no?

  • I thought it was only those of the proper lineage could defeat Anura, not touch the fruit.

Michigami and Kyokugami are Gods of the Moon Tribe

In both the Japanese and English virsuons the Moon Tribe speaks a western language (English I'n Japanese and French I'n English). Therefore Michigami and Kyokugami are perhaps the gods of the Western Zodiac. Kyokugami is Peices and Machigami could be Libra (representing balance and judgement). Both gods are found where there is a probable connection to the Moon Tribe (Kyokugami definately so and the River to the Heavens has that mystical gate which screams Moon Tribe style Magitec.)

Chibi didn't fix the broken mirror from Hana Valley -- Ammy did.

It seems reasonable enough for Amaterasu to be a keeping an eye on her son while he travels Nippon, and Chibi seems just as surprised as Kuni when the mirror is fixed -- and when prompted to fix the mirror, we are never given any indication that Chibi himself is doing it.

Kuni is the reincarnation of Nagi

  • Lets look at the facts, shall we?

- Master Anura could only be defeated by those with the blood of a proper lineage running in their vines. Nagi has a powerful and special bloodline. Kuni defeated Anura with help from Chibi.

- The fruit of the Gaurdian Saplings can only be touched by those with special blood. Nagi could touch the fruit just fine.

- Kuni, despite being adopted, still possesses great power akin to Susano and Nagi. He bears a great resemblance to the both of them too.

- Soon after Kuni joins Chibiterasu Kuni notes that he gets an odd feeling of deja vu from riding on Chibi. Nagi rode on Ammy's back when he was about to face Orochi (though he was unconscious...).

- Kuni was found by Susano near the Moon Cave, on the day that Orochi would be slain for the second time. He was unconscious, without memories and nude too.

- Akuro possessed Kuni because he was the perfect vessel of light, containing untold amounts of sacred power. Nagi was the legendary hero who slew the mighty demon Orochi with his sacred power.

- The narrator sounds a lot like Susano and Nagi, said narrator being revealed to be an adult Kuni.

- And here's the big one: only Nagi could unleash the full power of Nagi's armor. At the very end of the game Kuni was magically equipped with Nagi's armor and his sword became similar to Tsukuyomi. He even noted how much power it was giving him.

Based on these facts one can safely assume Kuni is the reincarnation of Nagi, possessing his great power and the blood of Nagi/Susano despite being adopted. As a result he could use the full power of Nagi's armor, was the perfect vessel of light and was capable of pulling off those Susano-/Nagi-like feats. Because of Orochi's revival Nagi was reincarnated to fight him, being reborn near the Moon Cave, where Susano, Chibi and Kurow find him. It is very likely that the new name Kuni will give himself (after he was disowned) would be Nagi. 
  • Reincarnation, huh? That's a nice theory. I was under the assumption that Kuni WAS Nagi. The only thing you remembered that I didn't was the fact that Kuni got an odd sense of deja vu. As for him being outside the Moon Cave, I interpreted that as Nagi having somehow gone forward in time, which wouldn't be too farfetched considering all the time traveling that's been going on. The biggest holes in my version of this theory were that Nagi was cowardly as an adult in one instance, apparently couldn't see Shiranui's markings, and didn't seem to associate Shiranui with Chibiterasu as a result. The instance of cowardice could be written off as him being surprised about where he was at (Since he was knocked out and unknowingly taken to Orochi's lair.) and the fact that he was suddenly in women's clothing... Still wouldn't explain the last two, though.
    • Don't forget that Kuni himself rode around on Chibi's back for a brief period 9 months ago. The deja vu was probably from that.

Akuro is an Expy of Dark Matter.

A while after beating Okamiden, I realized that these two have a fair bit in common. For one, they look similar. Both are black Eldritch Abominations with a single eye and appear to be made out of black smoke. Both desire to spread darkness across their respective universes. Finally, both make use of possession to accomplish their goals. Granted, Okamiden is much more plot-driven than Kirby is, so Akuro's a bit more well developed, but I found the similarities between these two to be very striking. If it's coincidence, it's one heck of an example.

    • Not only that, but both Kirby and Chibiterasu are adorable heroes that end up fighting them at the end.

The black smoke that came out of Orochi, etc. in the first game was Akuro

If Amaterasu ended up killing them, then the part of Akuro that controlled them could be concentrated into Akuro's ultimate body of darkness, Yami, making Yami even more powerful just in case he had to square off against Ammy.

The baby that Kushi is pregnant with at the end is Kuni

And several years after the baby was born he strayed into a Spirit Gate to the Moon Cave.

    • Jossed. In the stinger of Okami and the Art Gallery of Okamiden one can see Susano and Kushi with a son that looks very different from Kuni, resembling Susano even more than Kuni. This is likely the child Kushi is pregnnt with at the end of Okamiden.

The reason for Manpaku's hunger is...

Because of his hair. No, seriously. It's literal fire. And to generate it, he needs energy to burn, of course. He's LITERALLY burning calories all the time, so he constantly needs to eat. He also doesn't know how to control it so he's always hungry! No idea why he's still so tubby though.

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