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"And he said: "Son, this world is rough,

And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough,

And I knew I wouldn't be there to help ya along.

So I give ya that name and I said goodbye.

I knew you'd have to get tough or die,

And it's that name that helped to make you strong."
Shel Silverstein, "A Boy Named Sue"

 "For you, I'd do anything,

Just to make you happy, hear you tell me that you're proud of me.

For them, I'll kill anything.

Cut the throats of babies for them

Break their hearts all day for them
Waiting for you to say

 --Coheed and Cambria, "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3

"I just achieved my life's ambition of climbing Everest with no food and no equipment. NOW DO YOU LOVE ME DADDY? NOW DO YOU LOVE ME?"

Gob: "I can do this dad. I can make you proud!"

George Sr.: "Well, it's never too late to start."
"Someday... someday I may be as strong and couragous as Caeser, when I'm older and have a beautiful white mane, and all of the other animals will look at me and say, 'There goes Kimba the white lion, he's just like his father.' Yeah, someday."
Kimba on filling his father's shoes, Kimba the White Lion
"Hey, Dad, look at me. Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think I’m wasting my time, doing things I wanna do? But it hurts when you disapproved, all along."
Simple Plan, "Perfect"
"I can't believe he's blood."
Darkseid on Kalibak after he gets KO'd by Superman, Superman: The Animated Series
"All I ever did, I did to make you proud! Tell me how proud you are, Shifu!"
Tai Lung, Kung Fu Panda

Commodus: I search the faces of the gods... for ways to please you, to make you proud. One kind word, one full hug... where you pressed me to your chest and held me tight.... would have been like the sun on my heart for a thousand years. What is it in me that you hate so much?

Marcus Aurelius: Shh, Commodus.

Commodus: All I've ever wanted was to live up to you, Caesar. Father.

Marcus: [kneels] Commodus. Your faults as a son are my failures as a father. Come... [hugs Commodus]

Commodus: [hugs Marcus and cries] Father. I would have butchered the whole world... if you would only love me! [begins to smother Marcus]

"Yeah," Jack said with a smile that was half-embarassed, half-reminiscent, "I bought a book about [ventriloquism] when I was only eight, and stuck with it mostly because my dad said it was like throwing money away. I gave up on everything. [...] I never got great at it but I got good enough to win the sixth grade talent competition. My dad hung the medal on his office wall. That meant a lot to me."

"Yeah," Wireman said, "There's nothing like an 'Atta boy' from a doubtful dad."

Jack smiled, and as always it illuminated his whole face.
"Hey, dad are you proud of me yet? ... Okay, I'll keep trying."

Shepard: Seeing a bit of yourself in Miranda fighting her father?

Tali: I spent my life trying to live up to [my father], then making up for his mistakes, doing what he'd have wanted.

Shepard: It's never that easy.

Tali: When do we get to stop reacting to our parents and start living for ourselves?
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