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  • A dying woman gives one to the eponymous Paranoia Agent, Lil Slugger. He can't take it, busts a wall and a bunch of stuff, and runs.
    • Notably, this was actually a very bad idea, since his panic leads to his becoming a massive anxiety blob that nearly destroys Tokyo. That woman wasn't the one who was supposed to face him down...
  • Dewey Novak gives one to Holland in Eureka Seven that ranges from how he's utterly failed at what he was trying to accomplish to that no one reads the Gekko States self published magazine ray=out.
    • Immediately followed by a Shut UP, Hannibal moment when Dewey is shocked by the sight of Renton and Eureka piloting Nirvash, and Holland points out Renton has accomplished what he and Dewey failed to do.
  • Shin of Fist of the North Star coolly chastises Kenshiro after crippling him and taking the love of his life away: "The thing you lacked that caused your defeat at my hands? It's desire and ambition."
  • Mazinger Z: In the manga episodes penned by Gosaku Ota, during the final battle Big Bad Dr. Hell orders Count Brocken -one of his Co-Dragons- go and battle Mazinger... in spite of Brocken was a normal-sized human and he had no weapons to take down a Humongous Mecha! Brocken reluctantly agrees... but before leaving he tells EXACTLY what he thinks of Hell, calling him out on all his failures and flaws, blaming him for their defeats, bitterly stating he does not care his troops risk their lives everyday, and making very clear he served Hell out of gratitude -for saving his life- but he never wanted working for such an inept. Then he announces if he survives he will return to Germany before leaving to fight as Hell threw a fit. It was a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Brocken.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: It turns out that the Antispiral's method of dealing with potentially reality-rending amounts of accumulating Spiral Energy without outright killing its hosts (at least initially) is to simply suppress their fighting spirit by making them live hopeless lives. In Simon and crew's last battle against the Antispiral King, said Big Bad constantly taunts them with the potential implications of their actions, and debates out loud if they truly have the ambition, determination, and resolve to go through with their plans. He does so while beating the shit out of them, saying they've reached their limit.
  • Sousuke gives one to a Lonely Rich Kid with a crush on Kaname in episode 3 of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, after said rich kid yells at Kaname for tricking him.

  I don't know the details but it's your own fault. You surrounded yourself with incompetent subordinates and allowed your judgment to be clouded. If this were the battlefield, you'd be dead ten times over.

    • Sousuke attempts to give one to Takuma during the Behemoth Arc in the novels. Takuma failed his overall mission, had his Humongous Mecha destroyed, was slowly dying a painful death, and his only sister that he loved died. When he bemoaned his fate and asked why he failed, Sousuke took the question literally and tactlessly started telling him why he sucked. Kaname tells him to shut up, and Tessa resumes comforting Takuma.
  • Near's final speech to Light Yagami in Death Note. Also a Shut UP, Hannibal moment, as he responds to Light's claim that he is God of the new world and that no one else could carry out justice like he does by saying that he's nothing more than a murderer, and in believing himself a god who can decide what is just and what is not, he is arguably even worse than those who would use the notebook for personal gain.
  • The Spider Queen in XxxHolic gives one to Watanuki about being overly willing to throw away his own life for others,

 Spider Queen: "You're giving yourself away too easily. Do you really think I would accept something that you would throw away so lightly? Zashiri-Warashi tried so hard to get your sight back, and now you just gave it away, just like that. You must think she's a fool, to go through so much effort for something you treat like garbage."

Watanuki: "You're wrong!"

Spider Queen: "No, I'm not. Kuda-Kitsune is worried about you, and there are others too, right?Who also care very much about you. But you don't realize it, you don't even care about yourself. You hate to see others getting hurt, but you don't mind if you're the one getting hurt. You don't understand that when you get hurt, those who care about you are also hurt when they see it."

  • Mayuri to Szayel Aporro Granz in Bleach:

 "Immaculate being, was it? In this secular existence, perfection is an illusion. Regardless of all those who utter the contrary, this is the reality. Common man seeks it out. They aspire to achieve it, as if it were some tangible thing. But the fact of the matter is perfection is a hollow shell. It is devoid of any substance. I spit on perfection! Perfection, after all, implies you've reached the summit: no trial and ability to conceptualize. An omniscient being would have no need for such superfluous things. Am I making myself clear? For those who dabble in the sciences, such as ourselves, perfection would render us obsolete. Many magnificent things have been, and will continue to come into existence, and yet every last one of them will fall short of perfection's finish line. Our function as men of science relies on their many shortcomings. Then, and only then, can we apply the fruits of our labour. To put it simply, as soon as you began spouting that nonsense about being an immaculate being, your fate was sealed. HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN OF SCIENCE!"

    • And this is coming from a guy who treats his own daughter like trash and killed Uryu's grandfather, Sōken Ishida.
    • Isshin Kurosaki's short explanation to Grand Fisher about why he had to lose.
    • Gin gives one to Ichigo in chapter 406 when the latter seems to be in Heroic BSOD and/or easily distracted, which disgusts Gin. It was actually a Stealth Mentor's advice. Gin wanted Ichigo to break out of his Heroic BSOD to fight Aizen.

  Gin: "Sure it's okay to be looking behind when I'm standing in front of you like this? That's it for you, man. You aren't a warrior anymore. Not a shinigami, nor a Hollow. Not even a person. You think you, standing here in such a half-assed state like that, are gonna be able to stand up to an opponent that those three have lost to?"

  Fate: "...Jack Rakan. Even now I do not understand his words, but, I do understand that your fist is not as heavy as his. Why is it, Quintum? Why is your fist, so very light?

    • After Negi starts to crack after one of Fate's speeches, Asuna gives Negi her own "The Reason You Suck" Speech, the point being that he's an idiot for even considering what Fate is saying. The next time Fate attempts one of these, he gets a punch in the gut and a Shut UP, Hannibal for his trouble.
    • Yue also gave one to Kotarou in the school festival arc.
  • Askeladd gives this to Thorfinn at least once in Vinland Saga. He basically tells him that his whole quest is pointless, and that he always loses because he's too thickheaded and stubborn in battle. He is also too thickheaded and stubborn to listen to this advice.
  • Possibly in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 this was delivered from Nena Trinity to Wang Liu Mei, telling the latter about how she was becoming an overly greedy, high and mighty Smug Snake, thus robbing her off her soul and the former thinks people like that are better off dead. Cue to Evil Laugh as the former shoots down the ship where the latter was located, with all the controls and maneuver locked by the former, as the latter had an epic Oh Crap planted on her face.
    • Subverted when Nena gets a Reason You Suck Speech from Ribbons then Louise Halevy right before the latter finally exacts her revenge on Nena while she is under similar conditions.
    • Hallelujah loves these, seriously he dishes them out like it's going out of style.

Hallelujah: "How does it feel to have your life slowly ground away by one sided violence?""There's no possible way you can defeat us AS YOU RELY ON VEDA TOO MUCH!

Ayano: All right, Father. I've heard enough. And we can never forgive the Fugas for what they've done. All we've ever done is help them! You think they'd be thankful. Instead they do this. It's totally unjustified.
Kazuma: Unjustified, huh? You sure about that?
Ayano: Of course I am! And you're not?!
Kazuma: What exactly has the Kannagi family done for the Fugas? Sure, working for the family sounds good and all, but they're basically just slaves to be ordered around.
Ayano: No way! Our slaves?! We never looked at the Fuga clan like that!
Kazuma: But you didn't look at them as equals either. The Kannagi family broke a once-powerful people who didn't use fire magic. The magic they did practice you considered inferior and you let the Fugas know this every day. Not too different from my situation, is it? Of course, I only had to put up with it for a few years, but the Fuga clan's been doing it for 300. That's a long time to hold a grudge. Now they're pissed off and want revenge. Based on what they've done so far it seems like they won't rest until every member of the Kannagi family's dead. And guess what? I don't blame them! I blame the Kannagi family for pushing them to this point.
Juugo: You're absolutely correct, Kazuma.
Ayano: But, Father-
Juugo: As head of the family, I've tried to rectify the disparities that have existed for so long.Sadly, it was not to be.
Kazuma: Yeah. Now thanks to this family, they're gonna take Ren's life.

  • Naruto, Sasuke gives two of these to Orochimaru after he betrays him, stating that his attempts at achieving power are revolting and cannot put him on the same level as the Uchihas, whose power he covets.
    • Earlier then that Neji, before his Heel Face Turn enjoyed telling this to his opponents (Hinata and Naruto respectively) just because they didn't fit his view of following fate. In both cases they pretty much turned it back on him completely. Kabuto also did this to Naruto during their fight right before Naruto drove a Rasengan into his stomach.
    • Sasuke much later gets one directed at himself by Danzo, telling him that he's just trying to take out of his hate on someone even if it makes his clan's and especially his brother's death completely meaningless.
      • It arguably even acts as something of an Ironic Echo of Sasuke's earlier speech, highlighting the Motive Decay both fell to.

 Sasuke, to Orochimaru: What do you hope to accomplish? Scurrying from one hideout to the next, conducting your pathetic experiments, using up people's lives one after the other, trying to unlock the mysteries of nature. You toy with people's lives for the sake of this vain and ridiculous cause of yours. You disgust me!

Danzo, to Sasuke: You have the same eyes as Itachi, but not his perception. The truth doesn't mean anything to you. You simply writhe in the grip of your hate, just wanting to lash out at everything. You have wasted the Uchihas' sacrifice.

    • Kin gives one of these to Sakura as she's keeping her restrained by the hair. "My my, what soft and shiny hair. But you know what? If you spent a little less time shampooing, and a little more time practicing your jutsu, you might not be in this fix! Hey Zaku, I know what would be fun. Let's make Ms. Beauty Queen watch while you finish off that Sasuke guy!"
      • Sakura's Shut UP, Hannibal moment shortly thereafter, where she cuts her own hair off to free herself, is thereby made much more awesome .
    • Shikamaru gives one of these to Hidan shortly before blowing him up.
  • In One Piece, Bellamy... tries to give one of these to Luffy when the two actually fight. He gets a face full of fist for his trouble.
    • Akainu gives one regarding Whitebeard, saying that he is a failure of a pirate who couldn't become King of the Pirates and that his "family" is worthless, especially considering that he is going to die to protect one of his "sons" who was tricked into stabbing him (as part of Akainu's plan).
    • Luffy gives them to Kuro and Wapol, saying that they don't have what it takes to be real pirates, as the former tried to escape his reputation as a pirate while the latter had no respect for Hiruluk's Jolly Roger and only pretended to be a pirate.
    • Hell, Luffy does this just about every time he fights the main villain of an arc.
    • Luffy gives himself one while fighting Arlong, listing all the things his crew could do that he couldn't. He finishes though, by stating the one thing he could do... kick Arlong's ass.
    • Franky and the rest of his Family give Usopp one after stealing his money, ridiculing him as weak and ridiculing the crew for having him protect the money. It ultimately influences his decision to temporarily quit the crew.
  • In the Pokémon anime Paul delivers a particularly scathing one to Maylene after curbstomping her in their gym battle. The result is Maylene losing all confidence to continue as a gym leader. Her Lucario is not amused.
  • More like a Reason You Suck Debate between the both of them, the one that Death shares with Asura near the end of the Soul Eater anime counts:

Death: This is how you've been as long as I've known you. Hiding cowardice behind cunning. You were always riddled with insecurities and plagued by fears, unable to relax until you'd hidden them all! In an effort to escape your petty fear, you partnered with Vajra. You should have fought alongside me, but you were too weak for that! In the end, you betrayed not only innocent humans, but your own Weapon Partner as well!
Asura: Ya know, for a Grim Reaper you're impressively naive. Following the rules doesn't guarantee and escape from fea---
Death: And insanity does?! Even if you bury your fears and madness, new fears will only surface!! Are you truly so lost already that you can't understand that simple fact!?! I you continue along the path you've chosen, the world will sink into despair!! Even a child would see the heartless evil in that!!
Asura: Don't you see how empty and meaningless the authority you impose is? That's not how the truth is found. You make your followers feel safe by offering white lies and comforting words. Don't you know that only harms them more?
Death:' There's no hope for you!! You are behind saving!!
Asura: Do you find creating the illusion of peace for people that noble of a job?
Death: It's far more noble than seeking to destroy them with blind insanity like you intend to!!
Asura: Have you even listened to a word I've said, old man!?! What's wrong with surrendering to madness? That's where the true peace is...
Death: So you keep saying; but that's because you're not strong enough for sanity!!!
Asura: I'm plenty strong. You'll find out soon enough that YOU'RE the weak one Reaper.

  • Heroic example: In GaoGaiGar Final, after Guy powers up the Genesic GaoGaiGar, while beating the shit out of Palparepa, he delivers this speech, saying that the reason the 11 Soul Masters: tried to immobilize GGG, destroyed Gao Figh Gar, didn't attack them on Earth, was because they feared their power.
  • Professor Satou to Judai in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Judai is having all his monsters turned against him and is told the whole reason he's losing is because he actually enjoys dueling, so when the fun goes away he has no motivation. And why is he getting in Judai's way and putting his life on the line? Because Judai was sleeping in class. Which Judai comes to realize might not have meant anything to him, but was basically ruining Satou's life since most other students were following Judai's example.
    • Right before defeating Judai earlier in the season, Edo gives one of these to him.
    • Judai getting these speeches is pretty much the theme of the first half of Season 3; all can be summarized as, "You're pathetic because you're a Boring Invincible Hero!" Unfortunately, he takes it to heart.
  • Seto Kaiba of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! seldom met one of these he didn't like.
    • Yugi himself gives Marik an epic variation of this trope near the end of the duel against the brainwashed Jyounouchi, claiming that Marik will be the loser in the end.
    • Yugi also gives one to Noah after he defeats Kaiba with his deck master, Shinato, claiming that he is heartless and barren, which makes Kaiba better than him.
  • Touma at several points gives one of these, one as early as the fourth episode to Kanzaki Kaori, who just trashed him. He points out that their 'new policy' towards Index is incredibly selfish and that, well, she sucks.
    • Last Order takes this trope and totally reverses it, by giving resident Complete Monster Accelerator a "the reason you don't suck" speech. Accelerator himself isn't sure how to respond to that.
  • Alucard from Hellsing does this to people/vampires who make him sick due to their pretentiousness and how pathetic they are.
    • Often when they failed to kill him and just realize that they probably just can't. Though he is much more pissed in certain circumstances.
  • In Pandora Hearts, Elliot viciously and awesomely calls Oz out as a Martyr Without a Cause when he tries to trade his life to the Baskervilles for his sister's.
  • In Code Geass, Bismarck gives a short one of these to Suzaku, basically calling him out on his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder and Motive Decay, pointing out that the very things he's abandoned in his quest for power were what made him strong in the first place. Predictably, Bismarck won that fight, even if Suzaku escaped thanks to a coincidental distraction from Lelouch. The Emperor also does it several times, once when Lelouch was a kid and twice after, though at least the latter two times Lelouch knows enough to shoot it down.
    • Lelouch, being frustrated for the last failed attempt to kill him, also gives one to Rollo, and it's particularly dramatic since Rollo ends up being really shocked by it, in spite of the fact that he would still be able to kill Lelouch in that very instant.
  • Asuka has always said some nasty things to Shinji, but this bit from End of Evangelion really takes the cake.

 "Anyone will do--you don't care who it is! You're afraid of Misato and the First Child! You're afraid of your mother and father, too! So now you come running to me, because that's the easiest way to keep from getting hurt! You're all you have, and you've never even learned to like yourself! Pathetic."

    • Worse yet, when Shinji begs for help, the reply is simply a flat "No". Which leads Shinji to strangle Asuka and feel a hatred for everything. Nice job breaking him, Asuka.
    • However, considering the context, it could very well have been a hallucination and therefore a The Reason I Suck Speech from Shinji himself.
  • In Black Lagoon, Rock gives one to Revy when he for the first time had enough of her behavior. It was so effective, it almost made her cry. Even more impressive considering her initial response was to pull a gun on him, and he just pulled it away before she put one between his eyes.
    • Revy gets to deliver one to Chaka during their second fight.
    • Hansel pulls a Would You Like to Hear How They Died? speech on Balalaika midway through episode 15, which, like the true Magnificent Bitch that she is, she stoically endures; long enough for Boris to line up a good shot on Hansel with his sniper rifle. She then proceeds to deliver an utterly devastating speech to the dying Hansel.

 Balalaika: As I said, the end of the line. If you were able to think rationally it would have been obvious to you, that as you pursued us you were being led to your death. Take a look at yourself now: a pathetic little brat who's beyond all repair. And like it or not, this is where you're gonna die.

Hansel/Gretel: ...Heh. You're funny, lady. But what are you talking about? I'm not going to die. I can't die. Because... I killed so many people in my life. We've killed many... Many... Many... Many people. It means we get to live on for... That much longer. We can add on to our lives... So we're never going to die. That's right. We are eternal.

Balalaika: That's quite the interesting religion. It's a wonderful thought, I suppose. However, I'm afraid that Oingo Boingo said it best: "No One Lives Forever", that's just the way it goes. Now then, I suppose I could be cruel and torture you before I kill you -- considering what you did to my comrade, there's no question that it would be appropriate. But unfortunately, I am not as vulgar as you; it would bring me no satisfaction. So I think I'll sit here and watch until you've taken your last miserable breath. Judging by your wounds, you have about ten minutes at best. I dedicate these last few minutes before you leave this Earth to Sahalov and Menshof's souls, may they rest in peace... Although I'm certain you wouldn't be able to understand.

  • Hansel/Gretel starts crying in pain*

Balalaika: Don't cry, you fool.

  • Towards the end of Transformers Armada, Thrust rants at length about how Galvatron is weak, lacks ambition, lost control of the Decepticons, and is pathetic for joining forces with Optimus Prime. Then he gets killed by a random piece of Unicron.
  • In chapter 50 of Mirai Nikki Kousaka gives one of these to Yukiteru right before Yukiteru shoots him.

  "Yukiteru, do you know just why I hate you so much? It's because your crying face resembles my stupid dog at home! Even now...! * punches Yukiteru* That face your making right now! Don't go crying when you made this choice yourself! You're just a damn lowlife who killed his friends for his own convenience! You don't have a right to cry!"

  Yuuno: What we did… was pretend love. Both of us were only using each other. You were using me to survive. And I was content letting myself being used… I would’ve been fine with anyone as long as I could emotionally depend on them. And you were fine with anyone as long as he or she would protect you.

 Shion: (To Satoko, after throwing her against some lockers) "Can't you understand what he's (Satoshi) going through?"

Satoko: "Help! Help me, nii-nii!"

Shion *kicks Satoko* "It's because you're like that! *throws books at Satoko* If you want to cry, cry! But you know, you're not going to solve anything by crying! Why are you crying? Because you think that by crying someone will help you? And that person who helps you, will take however much pain there is in your place? Do you realize just how unthinkable that is?! You understand?! Your sins, that is! He'd be better off if you weren't here. If things are painful for you, just die! Don't make things painful for Satoshi-kun! Suffer alone, and die alone! You'd be better off dead!"

Satoko: "Nii-nii!"

Shion: "Don't think it's okay to cry! Don't just think you can always cling to Satoshi-kun! If only...If only you weren't here!!!"

    • And then a Shut UP, Hannibal occurs later in the same arc, where Satoko admits that she's been depending on her brother for too long, and now that she's being tortured to death, she won't cry anymore so that she can prove how strong she's become. Bonus points for making Shion realize how much she sucks for not realizing that torturing Satoko isn't what Satoshi wanted her to do.
    • A rare villain-to-villain speech is given in the second season from Okonogi to Takano Miyo after she refuses to surrender.
  • Durarara: Simon punches Izaya in the face and gives him one.
  • Lovely Complex: Risa likes to hand these out after punching people to get them to calm down and think more rationally. She's done this to Otani and Mimi.
  • Canaan: Subverted HARD and played straight at the same time in episode 10 when Hakko tries twice to kill Liang Qi with one of these (which she can actually do due to her superpower) only to have Liang Qi troll her on both accounts and then deliver her own Reason You Suck Speech right back at Hakko each time; to add insult to injury, Hakko finds to her dismay that she accidentally killed Santana with her second speech, which Liang Qi all too gleefully informs her of during her second speech.
    • And Alphard gives a minor one earlier in the series to Canaan as she defeats her in the women's restroom at the formal dinner. She says that now Canaan is acting out of hatred like she has but Alphard has gotten over that or at least learned to control herself. Canaan ends up so physically and mentally beaten her normal grace deserts her and as she flees she slips and collapses on a roof top.
  • Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest: Inugami, to most people.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Every time Kenshin fights an opponent, the opponent gives him this, mainly for being on the Imperialist's side. But Kenshin always manages to prove them wrong, or at least prove that he may not agree with them but doesn't suck like they say he does.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Both Byakuran and Mukuro gave Tsuna some of these during their respective battles with him.
  • In Initial D Second Stage, Seiji of Team Emperor, after his defeat at the hands of Takumi, gets slapped by Kyouichi, who follows it up with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • In chapter 74 of Soul Eater the Envy Chapter of the Book of Eibon delivers a harsh one to Maka. It's enough to reduce her to tears.
  • In chapter 106 of Fullmetal Alchemist Kimblee gives one to Pride:

 Pride: "Why are you interfering, Kimblee?!

Kimblee: "Eh...if you'd been able to fight in your present condition, I'd have stayed silent. In the same breath that you spoke of "pride as a Homunculus" you ran screaming to steal the body of one of the lower life-forms you so despise, just to escape your own predicament. You are hideous."

    • And the Truth gives one to Father/Homunculus right before having its own gate swallow it.
    • Father gives a rather harsh one to Hohenheim in Brotherhood.
  • Shalott to Agito in chapter 279 of Air Gear: "All you've done so far is bully the weaklings which is what makes you so weak."
  • Uzuki to Yuki in Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru in episode 2 "You're a nuisance. I hate your goody two-shoes, know-it-all act. I'm not your friend. I felt bad for you, so I thought I'd try being nice, but you misunderstood. No one needs you."
  • Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart (aka Master of Martial Hearts) features an entire last episode consisting of this.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena has one delivered by Anthy to her brother Akio, the Big Bad of the show, as a Crowning Moment of Awesome: By all means, stay in this cozy coffin of yours and continue to play prince. But I have to go now. She isn't gone at all, she's merely vanished from your world.
    • And Touga gives one to Utena in episode 12 after defeating her. "Even though you fancied yourself to be a prince in the end you were just a girl. Despite what you may have hoped for your hopes didn't become reality."
  • As part of a He's Back moment in the second season of Darker Than Black, Hei delivers one to Reprin, an FSB officer. Reprin invites Hei to a meal on the train they are both on and pressures him into working for him by threatening to blow up the train. Reprin justifies this by talking about the evil of Contractors, citing one who is a Complete Monster (who works for him). Hei tells Reprin that he wouldn't have the guts to do it and is a hypocrite who has all of the moral cowardice he accuses Contractors of having. Hei then pins his hand to the table by stabbing him with a carving knife.
  • The end of the Mai-Otome manga has one of these, in which the protagonist "Manshiro" tells the Big Bad that he does not love anyone, not even himself.
  • Schwarzwald of The Big O delivers one from beyond the grave! As big duo devours Alan Gabriel

 Schwarzwald: You! You possess the foolishness of both man and machine.

Alan: Shut Up!

Schwarzwald: It chooses one who controls the power of God created by man. One who is able to arrive at one truth. That's Not the case with you!

Big Duo: [Ye Guilty appears on cockpit]

  • In Bakuman。, upon declaring war on Nanamine, Mashiro tells him that manga is produced by desperate effort by the authors in collaboration with the editor, and they won't lose to a manga that's patched together from other people's ideas.
  • In Blood Plus, Kai gives David one of these after the latter becomes a depressed alcoholic following the destruction of Red Shield's headquarters. Kai states he isn't as tough as he claimed to be at the beginning of the series.
  • In The World God Only Knows, Haqua delivers one to Keima for all his manipulations. In a subversion, she doesn't actually mean it, and immediately began to try and wave her words off when she thought it might of actually affected him.
  • Skip Beat: Near the end of episode 12 Moko delivers an epic one to Erika.
  • Girls Bravo: Kirie to Yukinari in the first episode:

  "You've always been a midget, a klutz and a blockhead. Not to mention slow in the head and snow on the uptake... I mean, I knew you were a hopelessly lame and worthless shell of a man, but to peep at me just because you can't get a girl..."

  • Louise tries one of these on Kazukya in Freezing, explaining why the boy is unfit to be near Louise's sister. It fails.
  • In Volume 11 of the Zero no Tsukaima manga, after his memories are restored, Saito gives one to Louise:

 "What’s so good about you? No one would take notice of you - you are haughty like hell, you kick around when you sleep, you do not wear panties, one only can say 'I love you' to you out of pity for the bust-handicapped girl, really. There’s nothing else to praise you for. When I ignore you, you try to provoke me calling it a familiar's 'reward', but when I misunderstand and drool about it, you put me down with insults. Your head is as much of a zero as your chest is, idiot. Realize the reality, peach-haired fool."

  • .hack//Sign features multiple iterations of this trope during the last episode, when Morganna's "shadow" versions of Tsukasa, Subaru, and Mimiru lecture each real version about how worthless s/he is.
  • Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin: Subverted because Ami gives Fumiaki one in a very casual manner and didn’t thought about its significance, but Fumiaki took it seriously enough.
  • Togainu no Chi: Akira to Keisuke in the fifth episode.
  • "Inner" Moka from Rosario to Vampire hands out one to Tsukune after getting his ass kicked yet again in training.

  "Tsukune, I'll give you my judgement. This is no good at all. You have vampire blood, so you must have the 'aptitude' to become stronger. You were dutiful originally, so you are a fast learner. However...They're light. I'm speaking about your weakness, your fists. The things needed to win, you have no 'will', nor do you have 'killing intent'. So who on earth are you planning to defeat?

  • Paprika: Chiba gives one to Tokita calling him out on his immaturity and only doing what he wants instead of what needs to be done. This unfortunately and leads Tokita to go into Himuro's dream to figure his motive for stealing the DC Mini. It doesn't go well.
  • High School DxD: Issei gives one to Shalba Beelzebub the second time he curb stomped him. He claims that Sirzechs and Vali are superior than him because they have what it takes to be a lord of hell, while Shalba just wants to wage war. Take note, Issei is the protagonist here.
  • Sword Art Online: After Kirito and Asuna investigate several staged murders that supposedly stemmed from the murder of a guildmaster over the decision to sell a rare ring rather than use it, the culprit behind the original incident is revealed to be Grimlock, the victim's husband. Grimlock then gives a Motive Rant about how the ring had nothing to do with it- he was disturbed by how much more confident and assertive his wife became, and wanted to kill her while she was still his wife, so that he wouldn't have to deal with the "disgrace" of her asking for a divorce once they escaped. Kirito and Asuna are disgusted and respond as follows:

Kirito: Disgrace... disgrace? Your wife wouldn't listen to you... and that's why you killed her? She was strengthening herself and your friends to help escape from here... and might have one day stood among the ranks of those advancing us through the game. And just for that...?
Grimlock: Just for that? It was plenty enough for what I did. Someday you will understand, Detective, once you have found love and are about to lose it.
Asuna: No, Grimlock. You're wrong about that. What you felt for Griselda wasn't love. It was possession. If you still love her, then take off your left glove. But I'm sure that you've already cast aside the wedding ring that Griselda never removed even to the moment of her murder.

  • Akito of Fruits Basket simply loves handing these out, most notably to Tohru and Kana.
    • Black Haru to Kyo, often.
  • Corkus gives Guts some of these in episode 19 of Berserk.
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