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This is known as an "I Want" song — a number that comes early in a musical, in which the hero(ine) expresses his/her hopes and dreams, so that we in the audience understand those dreams, and get more involved in his/her quest to achieve them.

Why is it that Disney women are never satisfied? You're fucking royalty! If you had any more, you'd be friggin' gods!
The Nostalgia Critic, on the frequent I Want Songs in the Disney Animated Canon.
But who cares/No big deal/I want more...
Ariel singing Part of Your World
In almost every musical ever written, there's a place that's usually about the third song of the evening -- sometimes it's the second, sometimes it's the fourth, but it's quite early -- and the leading lady usually sits down on something; sometimes it's a tree stump in Brigadoon, sometimes it's under the pillars of Covent Garden in My Fair Lady, or it's a trash can in Little Shop of Horrors... but the leading lady sits down on something and sings about what she wants in life. And the audience falls in love with her and then roots for her to get it for the rest of the night.
—Howard Ashman, specifically referring to the above song, Waking Sleeping Beauty
You want something nondescript, and by G-d, you're gonna sing about it!
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